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About Martin Kranitz, Ma.

Martin Kranitz has been in mediation practice in Annapolis, Maryland for 24 years.  He provides mediation services to couples, separation / divorce issues, clients in construction, employment, ADA, probate, elder care, and other family issues.

He received his Masters Degree in Psychology from Towson University in 1972.  He is the first certified* mediator in Maryland.  He has received over 700 hours of Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training, including 40 hours at the Harvard Law School- Mediation Training Program. 

Martin is a professional member of the Association of Conflict Resolution (formerly the Academy of Family Mediators) with a rating of Advanced Practitioner.

In addition to mediation/conflict resolution services, Martin has a second specialty in the area of Vocational Consulting.  He provides vocational services to numerous clients.  He is a vocational expert for the Social Security Administration and many Circuit Courts in Maryland.

Martin was one of the first, Circuit Court, appointed private mediators in the State of Maryland. He helped establish the mandatory child access mediation program in the circuit courts of Maryland by sitting on numerous committees, educating members on how mediation worked and why it was effective.

Martin has recently been selected to be one of a small group of mediators in Anne Arundel County to provide CINA/TRP mediations at the Circuit Court in Anne Arundel County.

When Chief Judge Robert Bell established a conflict resolution commission in the late 1990s, Martin was selected as one of the Commissioners and sat for over two years until the commission completed its work and transitioned into another organization.

Martin helped establish and was the first president of the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR), a private nonprofit organization for professionals working in the area of conflict resolution.

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* in the mid-nineties MCDR established the first of its kind (in the United States) performance-based mediator certification program. Unlike other certifying procedures where education, skills training and paper and pencil testing is used to establish a level of certification, this process requires the mediator to perform a mediation under the watchful eye of two reviewers (evaluator's) who rate the mediator's performance. The mediator must achieve a certain score in order to be certified. In order to begin the process and to avoid concerns of interconnectedness, the first group of mediators to apply for certification went to another state and were rated by experienced mediators with whom they had no prior contact.

MCDR has been providing certification opportunities for mediators in Maryland for over 10 years. For more information about certification refer to MCDR.ORG

Along with John Spiegel and Paul Nathan, Martin has been teaching a course at the University of Maryland - College Park, called "Conflict Resolution for College Students". This program is in its sixth year at the University.