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Dealing with Difficult People

  We encounter difficult people in all walks of life; work, social, congregational and recreational. NICR has developed a specific program to help you deal with difficult people whom you cannot avoid. The program, typically five to six hours in length can be customized to fit your needs. Content includes; active listening, anger management, stress reduction and the use of neutral language.

Win / Win Negotiations

  For most people, negotiations is synonymous with competition and competition is synonymous with winning if at all possible. We have developed a training and consultation module based on a win-win outcome for all parties to a negotiation. This is especially useful for (but not limited to) salespeople, management, contracts negotiators, contracts managers and human resource personnel. Content includes; neutral language, brainstorming, creative thinking, and other communications techniques designed to facilitate communication and maximizes resources.

Communication Skills Building

  Effective communication takes a great deal of training and practice. Martin provides interactive seminars to hone communication skills. The focus of these programs is active listening, neutral language, nonverbal communication, option building and control techniques.

Couples Communication Workshop

  Everyone knows that love is blind. Unfortunately, this often interferes with good judgment about the people with whom we fall in love. Young people often do not have the skills and insight necessary to communicate effectively. They assume their love will solve all problems they may have with each other. Mature adults, even in healthy families, sometimes lose the habit of effective communication. This workshop is designed to focus on the issues often encountered in family settings; finances, intimacy, change in values and unacceptable behaviors. The program is designed to teach effective communication and problem solving techniques to allow couples the opportunity to explore difficult relationship areas before things come undone.