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As we age, a large number of changes take place. These changes take place with our health, our finances, our living arrangements and our families. There may come a time when we can no longer function in our homes. We may need to consider where and how we will live. For some, moving in with our children is an option, for others it is not. Nursing homes and assisted-living facilities provide yet other options. If our health deteriorates and we need additional medical services we will have to decide the what, when and where issues.

There may come a time when we are not satisfied with the services we are receiving from healthcare professionals or facilities or even a family members. Mediation is a process for helping older adults discuss these issues in a safe and controlled environment. It allows the elder adult to have a voice in his care for the services that are provided. It gives the elder adult more control over the outcome.

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In some cases, the discussion may revolve around very sensitive issues, including death with dignity and DNR requests.

When it comes to dealing with our parents, the issues and roles become very murky. In our parents eyes (and sometimes in our own eyes) we are still children. Often our parents treat us as children, though we may be adults. Sometimes we take on a childlike role when dealing with them. As our parents get older, it may fall to us to help them.

"It is important for the older generation to get the respect they deserve and a say in how their (our) life goes forward. Mediation can help provide the voice that is needed"

Mediation can help the elder adults discuss issues with service providers and or family in a way that allows all pertinent parties to have input into the discussion. These discussions are focused on both the present and future, giving an equal voice and respect to all parties involved in the discussion. The goal of the mediation is to hear the concerns of the elder adult, the service provider or the family and to develop a plan that will address these concerns in the most positive and practical way. Similarly, mediation can provide a forum for siblings to discuss how they will share the responsibilities for care of their parents. By having these discussions in a safe and controlled environment there is a less likelihood that things will get out of hand or that irreparable damage will be done. Mediation can help families discuss the division of labor and the division of finance. It can also help family members explore with their parents, financial resources that may be available.



  • staying at home
  • staying with children
  • nursing home/assisted-living
  • public housing

Health care

  • facilities
  • doctors
  • nursing staff
  • death with dignity
  • DNR requests

Service providers

  • contractors
  • sales agents
  • public agencies
  • medical personnel
  • nursing staff
  • burial/memorial services

Business issues

  • dealing with partners
  • dealing with children
  • assigning/sharing duties
  • selling the business
  • retiring

Estate planning

  • disbursing assets
  • acknowledging important people in your life
  • dealing with children and other relatives
  • dealing with organizations and agencies