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Non-Family Mediation - Martins Mediation Practice & Other Issues

“Because mediation generally takes place over several sessions, in a safe environment, disputants are able to construct creative solutions, using their best thinking, without giving up consideration to the relationships involved."


The Americans with Disabilities Act is unique in terms of new federal law. It requires the use of mediation prior to any litigation in ADA complaints. The Department of Justice maintains a list of specially trained mediators who can provide ADA mediation services. Martin has received this specialized training and has experience doing ADA mediation.


Mediation is used in the construction industry to help establish partnering projects between contractors and subcontractors. It is also used when misunderstandings occur between contractors / purchaser / subcontractors / sellers. Mediation can be used in both residential and commercial construction to aid in the speedy resolution of difficulties.


When two or more business entities decide to work together on a joint project, partnering is a form of mediation which allows the participants to coordinate activities, project responsibilities and develop methods to address potentially problematic issues in advance of project implementation.


One of the biggest reasons that partnerships break up is disparate expectations of each partner’s responsibilities and compensation. Where individuals are trying to establish a partnership, mediation can help the partners look at what is expected/required and spell out how predictable situations will be handled, evaluated, solutions found and decisions made.

In situations where there is a partnership dissolution, mediation can be used to negotiate a civilized dissolution without escalation of hostilities. The mediator can help all partners to air their views, needs and preferences and help them explore what options / alternatives reasonably exist that will address each partner’s needs.


The real estate / construction industry is rife with conflict. Mediation is an effective and inexpensive means to address these conflicts. Mediation can help the parties focus on the issues and reach a resolution which works for everyone.