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Basic Mediation Training [Typical syllabus]

Martin works with several organizations to provide quality Mediation Skills Training. Martin is Director of the National Center for Mediation Education and Co-Director of the National Institute for Conflict Resolution. Martin can present Basic and Family (Separation/Divorce) Mediation Skills Training alone,or in concert with several other well known mediator trainers in Maryland (John Spiegel, Esq., Trish Miller, Esq., Paul Nathan, Esq., Kate Palmisano, MSW) or as lead trainer with your organizational staff.

This is a 40 hour program which covers mediation principles, process, procedures, models of mediation, tools and techniques, psychological considerations, and local law. We also cover screening cases, ethics, standards, and writing of Memoranda of Understanding.

The format of the program is: discussion of an issue and role play practice by trainees (learn about it, see it, do it). Group size ranges from 10 - 25 and training can be accomplished in 4 day or 5 day blocks of time or over several blocks of time. [Typical syllabus]

The training currently meets the standards set by the Circuit Courts of Maryland (Rule 17-101 -107) and can be adapted to meet the needs and standards of most other states.

For more information on mediation, conflict resolution or communication training programs please contact Martin.

Separation / Divorce Mediation Training [Typical syllabus]

As with Basic Mediation Skills Training, Separation / Divorce Mediation Skills Training meets the standards set by Maryland Courts (and can be adapted for other states as well). The programs generally runs from 40 - 45 hours depending on the needs of the organization. This time can be presented in one block of time or in two equal blocks of time covering child access (parenting) and child support in block one and property, spousal support, insurance, college and taxes in the second block of time.

Martin, along with co-trainer John Spiegel, Esq. have recently developed a new computer segment, which shows mediators how computers can be used to facilitate the mediation process. This segment demonstrates computer use and allows the trainee an opportunity to practice with the computer (where facilities allow), first with help and then in a roll play situation, under the guidance of an experienced mediator familiar with computer use. This course also covers writing Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). Trainees are given an opportunity to prepare a MOU, which is then reviewed by an experienced mediator. [Typical syllabus]

For more information on mediation, conflict resolution or communication training programs please contact Martin.

Elder Mediation [Typical syllabus]

Martin Kranitz and Trish Miller, Esq. Have developed a 12 hour elder mediation training program, for people interested in providing elder mediation services. This program was developed in response to the ever increasing needs of our aging population. More mediators are needed to provide these services and litigation is even more difficult for our elder population because of the emotional trauma and financial cost.

In this mediation training as in others that Martin provides, the issues are discussed, demonstrations are given and then the students are allowed an opportunity to practice (talk about it, see it, do it). [Typical syllabus]

For more information on mediation, conflict resolution or communication training programs please contact Martin.